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our lovely narrowboat Adele Marie


  • Grey Heron seen from FloatingDreams.co.uk Narrowboat
    02/05/2017 - Martin Bryant 0 Comments
    More Wildlife to See - The Grey Heron

    We often get asked what wildlife can be seen whilst cruising along a British canal....and we're proud to say the types are wonderful and varied. Here, we'll highlight the characterful Grey Heron.

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  • 02/04/2017 0 Comments
    Wildlife to see from our FloatingDreams narrowboat

    Most people ask about the Kingfisher, so we've put together a few facts to help you find this fast flying fisher...

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  • Pontcysyllte Aqueduct with FloatingDreams Narrowboat Holidays
    07/03/2017 - Martin Bryant 0 Comments
    The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct - a Highlight on a Narrowboat Trip with FloatingDreams.co.uk

    A narrowboat holiday with FloatingDreams.co.uk is special wherever you go, but one of the highlights has to be a trip across the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. Set high in the sky, this narrow trench of water makes you feel like our narrowboat has grown wings. What makes it so special?

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  • Narrowboat on canal at sunset
    22/02/2017 - Martin Bryant 0 Comments
    Destinations, Destinations, Destinations

    So, you're thinking about booking a holiday aboard a narowboat. Apart from locks, bridges and pubs, what si there to do? We, at FloatingDreams.co.uk try to help you prepare in all sorts of ways. Here, we've attached a couple of booklets that you can browse which will show you all sorts of things to do on the canals on England and Wales..There really is no end to the fun and excitement to be had...for the young to the young at heart....so...read on....

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  • What to expext from a narrowboat holiday
    07/02/2017 0 Comments
    Why Go On A Narrowboat Holiday?

    If you've ever thought about going on a narrowboat holiday but have never actually done it, then maybe this will help you decide to go for it. Back in 2014, I was in a similar position. Ever since I was old enough to choose where I wanted to go on holiday........

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  • Our Beautiful Narrowboat at Sunset
    28/01/2017 - Martin Bryant 0 Comments
    New Season, Improved Service - What's New for 2017?

    We had a fantastic year in 2016, our first full year supplying memorable, exciting and relaxing narrowboat holidays in Cheshire. We learned so much and we've been improving things for 2017. So..what have we changed?

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  • Narrowboat Hire FloatingDreams.co.uk
    08/11/2016 - Martin Bryant 0 Comments
    Narrowboating - Do You Have Questions?

    If you’re considering having a go at narrowboating, you may have concerns and questions….have a look below..hopefully we might have an answer for you. If not then please feel free to call us on 07890285 890 or email us at info@floatingdreams.co.uk. We will be more than happy to answer them for you.

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  • Nantwich Canal Centre
    08/11/2016 - Martin Bryant 0 Comments
    Nantwich - An Exciting New Location for FloatingDreams.co.uk

    At FloatingDreams.co.uk, we are always looking for ways to make your narrowboat holiday more exciting. We want you to have aholiday full of adventure and new experiences and we want you to see the very best that our wonderful canal system has to offer. In Cheshire,that includes the beautiful Llangollen canal. So. We’ve decided to relocate our service to Nantwich Marina.

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