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Narrowboating - Do You Have Questions?

If you’re considering having a go at narrowboating, you may have concerns and questions….have a look below..hopefully we might have an answer for you. If not then please feel free to call us on 07890285 890 or email us at We will be more than happy to answer them for you.

‘Do I need any kind of licence to drive a narrowboat?’ – The answer
to this is no. You don’t need any experience either. The boat is really
easy to drive. There are a few things that you need to know and we won’t
send you out on your own until you’ve had some training and practice.
We’ll stay with you for about an hour and we’ll let you get plenty of
hands on practice before we leave.
‘What are the rules of the road?’ – There are some rules, such as
cruising on the right, slowing down while passing moored boats and where
to moor up. We will send you a guide which tell you all about the boat
and best canal practices. We will always be available for you to ask
questions too.
‘I’m nervous about locks – how do they work?’ – Our guide will help
you prepare for handling locks and there are lots of videos online
showing you what to expect. If you want us to we will stay with you on
your first day until the first lock and we’ll do that one together. A
good understanding and routine are key, as are taking your time.
‘How do we plan our journey?’ – We will send you a link to a website
which has an excellent planner. It will break your trip right down to
individual bridges if you like, and they are all numbered too so it’s
very hard to get lost. It’s always good to know what’s coming up too.
‘Where do we moor up?’ – You can moor up almost anywhere. There are a
few places where you can’t and there will be signs telling you this,
and there are a few places where you shouldn’t, such as close to bridges
and locks or close to bends…otherwise the choice is yours.
‘How fast can you go?’ – The absolute speed limit is 4mph, but our
boat hasn’t got a speedometer. It’s more about going slowly anyway…and
relaxing. Basically, if you’re creating a breaking wash and bubbles at
the sides of the canal with your wake then you’re probably going an bit
too fast.
‘What’s inside the boat?’ – Our boat is very well equipped. It sleeps
4 people – one double and 2 singles that can make a second double if
required. It has a galley with gas hobs, grill and oven. All pots, pans,
crockery and cutlery is supplied. You just need to bring food and
drink. The bathroom has a flushing loo, (which you shouldn’t need to
empty), and a shower. The front cabin has a TV/DVD and a radio / CD.
There is a wood / coal fire and a lovely seating area in the front. The
only topping up you will need to do will be the water tank and there are
taps located regularly along the canal.
‘What is there to do?’ – Apart from the wonderful scenery that you
will see, along with varied wildlife, there are plenty of pubs and
eateries along the way. There are all sorts of towns and villages to
visit, such as Nantwich, Chester, Middlewich, Market Drayton and the
lovely Llangollen. There is plenty to keep the kids entertained with.
Getting them involved with working the locks will make sure they are
more than ready for bedtime at the end of the day.
These are just a few of the questions you may have. If you have
others, which are not answered here, please feel free to contact us
using the details above. Then..why not make a booking? What is stopping

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